About Us

Paddy Solar, located in the vibrant city of Sandton, Johannesburg, stands as a leading renewable energy company committed to revolutionizing energy solutions for South African households. We take pride in offering four carefully tailored standard packages, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of households across the nation, facilitating their journey towards energy independence.

Our Mission

Paddy Solar aims to empower South African households to break free from the constraints of traditional energy sources. Our mission is to provide not just electricity, but a holistic approach to sustainable living.

Our Values

Paddy Solar’s commitment to sustainability, excellence, and responsible business practices. By embodying these values, your company can create a strong foundation for growth, innovation, and positive impact in the renewable energy sector.

“The service was impeccable, from the our first enquiry right to the completed job. Five star job. Thanks Guys.”

Esra Ramotsehoa

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